• Jonathan Dow

Book Review: The Warrior Soul by Jerry Boykin and Stu Weber

This book starts out with an image of two old warriors sitting around a campfire where one of them named Caleb is telling the other, Joshua, that he wants to conquer a hill the next day. They are both around 80 years old.

That image plays in my mind when these two warriors, Lt. General Jerry Boykin (ret) and Stu Weber wrote this book. I imagined them sitting around the campfire staring into the flames talking about what the "Warrior Spirit" is and how it is important. It's as if they are trying to encourage the millions of Christians to be more than just spectators in this life. This book is designed to get you to stop wanting to read this book, get up, and do something for Christ.

We have our example of the ultimate warrior in Christ, (read chapter 13) and it's our job to follow him into battle. This book is directed towards men, because men relate more to the illustrations of war and conflict, but there is nothing here that would isolate men vs. women. I recommend this book to men who feel like they are not called to be pastors. The encouragement to still live a life for Christ without seeking a title or position is sorely needed in today's church. It feels like not only do we lack a David to confront the currant Goliath of a world, but we have a sparse army to stand close enough on the hill to hear the insults. But fear not. Our David is coming soon, or I rather should say, coming back.