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The Final Act

posted Feb 13, 2011, 4:13 PM by Jonathan Dow
Chuck may never win any literary awards for his writings. He doesn't have that fluff that rolls off your tongue or dances in your ears but what he does have, and in my opinion is way more important, is the great ability to convey information easily and simply. And this is just what he does in this book.

It takes the end times prophecies and breaks them up into four acts and an encore. The first act is "Setting the Stage" which tells of the things which are happening in the world and must happen shortly. The second act is "The Rapture," which may or may not happen before the first act is over. The third act is "The Great Tribulation." And the final and forth act is "The Second Coming." He explains all of these in great detail and ease and of course finishes up the book with the encore of "Heaven."

Paul taught a great many things about end times and we are told not to be ignorant. Of course with any book outside of scripture, there is a fair amount of speculation and guessing, but just because it's a guess doesn't mean it's wrong. This book won't save you, but it might give you a reason to want to be saved. We serve a wonderful God who tells us the future in advance.

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