Mission Support

I wish I didn't have to care about money, but a man's gotta eat. I'm not afraid to work. In fact, I work very hard and long hours. I just don't get paid for most of it. I currently work for part time Calvary Chapel Chico and am living off 18 hours of work a week. Not a lot, but I'm learning to live cheap.

I wish I didn't have needs, but I do. I figured I would let some of them be known.

I need more work. Hire me as a tutor.

State budget cuts mean less money for schools.

Less money for schools means fewer teachers.

Fewer teachers mean bigger classrooms.

Bigger classrooms mean less attention per student.

We all need encouragement to do well.

Few of us are self-motivated to stand out in a crowd.

I'd like to help.

I can tutor most subjects through High School and some college courses.

I have a Bachelor's degree in English from Cal Poly.

I focused in creative writing.

I've worked 

- as a Substitute Teacher (under an Emergency Credential) in the Chico and Durham School districts for Elementary through High School.

- at a day care.

- at Clorox Labs in the R&D department.

- as a tutor in public elementary schools until California cut their education budget.

I currently 

- work for Calvary Chapel Chico.

- teach Elementary kids 3-6 times a week.

- teach two Bible Studies for High School kids.

- teach a Bible Study for College-aged kids.

Even though I have a degree in English, I have found that most students require help in geometry and algebra. Typically, the students I tutor are able to improve by one to two letter grades by the end of a semester.

My time is limited, but my schedule is flexible. 

 I need a car

This is Tabby. She's an '86 Honda Civic. I called her Tabby as short for Tabernacle as I'm only borrowing her from a friend. I need to get my own wheels but I'm having a hard time saving money right now. Once I have some cash, I'm going to be looking for some good deals. I need a car that runs well, not looks flashy.

I need prayer

This is both easy and hard to ask for. It's easy because it doesn't cost you anything. It's hard because it means that I can't do it on my own, and that's hard to admit. Please pray for me.