My Teaching Times


  • 9:45 AM: 4-6th Grade (Ephesians)
  • 11:30 AM: K-1st Grade (Genesis)


  • 6:00 PM: Teen Night (Philippians)


  • 7:00 PM: K-1st Grade (On hold until October)


  • 7:00 PM College Bible Study (Samuels)


  • 6:00 PM High School Bible Study (Proverbs)


  • 6:00 PM K-1 (Kings and Chronicles)

Would you like me to teach at your event?

I love to teach and I am convinced that it is a spiritual gift from the Lord. I don't have to try hard to teach. It just happens when I open my mouth. Most of my studies stray from what I have prepared, but is always better than what I was planning on saying anyways. My method is simple. I pray and read my Bible. Then I open my mouth and let the Lord speak.

I have been blessed to speak at schools around Chico and am available to teach at special events. Just expect me to give the Gospel and ask my audience for a response. I even do it at Christian schools.

Would you like me teach at your event?