Children's Ministry
People at church would consider Children's Ministry my main ministry. I don't know if I would, but it makes sense. I just don't, at this point, see one ministry above another. I love all of them and I think they could and should help each other out. I do know that I have a calling to Children's Ministry. I had a dream once when I was fighting a demon. Now in my dreams, I am an incredible fighter. However, in this dream, I wasn't winning. I wasn't losing yet, but I knew I was going to get tired and make a mistake and then I would be done for. I didn't know what to do. Then My Pastor entered with his then 4-year old daughter. He took over fighting the demon for me and told me to take his daughter to church and wait for him there. So I took her by the hand and took her to church and he showed up soon afterward, victorious. As I woke, God gave me the meaning of that dream. It is His job to fight the battles. I just take care of his kids.

Book Club
So I like to read. I like to talk about what I read and I have fun eating with people. It turns out that is the perfect formula for a book club. So I started one. It wasn't originally my idea, but I'm the kind of guy that just does stuff and I did this one. I talked to our bookstore and worked out a way we can use this Book Cub to serve the body. We review the Pastor's Pick before they come out and provide those reviews to the members of our congregation.

So I have a huge backpack. It almost got stuck going through the x-ray machine at Airport security, but it squishes, so it was okay. My point is that I have lots of room for stuff and I don't always want to carry around a lot. I usually have about 5 or 6 books and my computer and a various amount of other things. The Giving Ministry I want to do is to pack in gifts to carry around with me so if I meet someone who's hungry, I have a protein bar. If I meet someone who's cold, I have gloves or a beanie to give. Maybe even hand warmers. I can have gift certificates for food places too, and even an umbrella or two for the wet. (It really is a large backpack.) But most importantly, I have a Bible for someone who wants the Word of God, but doesn't have it.
High School Ministry
So I love kids and people of every age. I met some of the High School Kids from Chico when I went to Israel. When God told me to move here, I had to be a part of High School Ministry. I missed the kids so much. I talked with the High School Pastor, who doesn't normally allow people to do more than one ministry, but he knows me and my heart and since I was unmarried and, at the time, jobless, I could put the time and energy into both ministries... little did he know how long that list would get.

Young Adult Ministry
I used to be in College Ministry. Of course, I was in college at the time. I loved my college ministry. I made a lot of good friends and it made college a friendly place. I couldn't walk ten seconds through a crowd of people on campus without seeing someone I knew. I came to the Lord through that ministry. It hurt my heart when the college ministry at my current church died. I wasn't here when it was thriving, but I saw it die. We went for a year without a college ministry and a lot of people have been praying for it and it has been heavy on their hearts. So I figured that I would answer the call. I have a vision and a heart to serve these college kids with the Gospel of Christ and the Water of the Word and the Hope of His Coming. I want to make disciples and send them out on the college campus to bring His glory to those who come to college life hoping to have fun, but I want to bring them life.

There are a lot of things that I can't do. I can't do a whole lot with cars except drive them. I can't cook wonderful meals or host fabulous dinner parties. I'm not very good at keeping my house clean and I hardly ever make my bed. (In fact, I made it once and I just sleep on top with a few blankets over me. I figured I wouldn't have to wash the sheets if I don't use them.) But I can do a lot of things and I know people who can do the things I can't. This ministry is to lend a hand where I can, as in tutoring or baby sitting or helping someone move, and to help people find others who can sew or cook or clean or work on cars. I'm looking to build up a helps directory. Yes, the church has one, but that is usually reserved for women who don't have a husband or are bereaved. I need a ministry for people who don't have a wife.