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One of my favorite times of accomplishment is when I finish a book. I like to keep the books I've read as I refer back to them from time to time. However, they mostly just sit on my shelf. Would you like to read one? I've made a list of some of them at the bottom of this page. I won't try and put all my books on here, but I'll be adding to the list as time goes on. If you would like to borrow one, let me know here.

Note: I'm only listing books I've read and recommend.
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TitleAuthorAvailableWho Owns ItWho Has ItPictureBorrow
TitleAuthorAvailableWho Owns ItWho Has ItPictureBorrow
Faith Smith, Chuck  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
The Jesus Style Erwin, Gayle  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Fearless Lucado, Max  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Names of God Knight, George W  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
The Pursuit of God Tozer, A.W.  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
The Weight of Glory Lewis, C.S.  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Eternity In Their Hearts Richardson, Don  Jonathan I don't remember Cover Borrow 
What the World Is Coming To Smith, Chuck  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Calvary Chapel Distinctives Smith, Chuck  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
The Keys To Spiritual Growth MacArthur, John  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
An Altered Life Juarez, Pancho  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Mere Christanity Lewis, C.S.  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Lost Boy Laurie, Greg  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
How To Study The Bible and Enjoy It Heitzig, Skip  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Be Diligent Wiersbe, Warren W.  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Be Loyal Wiersbe, Warren W.  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Out of The Silent Planet Lewis, C. S.  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
The Heavenly Man Brother Yun  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
What Good Is God Yancey, Philip  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
The Final Act Smith, Chuck  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
Living Water Smith, Chuck  Jonathan Ashley Cover Borrow 
A Day's Journey Courson, Jon  Jonathan Don't Remember... Might be at home Cover Borrow 
The Father Style Erwin, Gayle  Jonathan Noah Cover Borrow 
A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 Keller, Phillip  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
God's Smuggler Brother Andrew  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
The Hiding Place Ten Boom, Corrie  Jonathan  Cover Borrow 
The Irresistible Revolution Claiborne, Shane  Jonathan I don't remember Cover Borrow 
Crazy Love Chan, Francis  Jonathan I don't remember Cover Borrow 
Effective Prayer Life Chuck Smith  Jonathan    
A Glasgow Bible Jamie Stuart  Jonathan    
Showing 30 items